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The kitchen

At the restaurant “The fireplace” you can taste the best typical cuisine of’ Oltrepo Pavese.

Each dish is prepared with care by carefully choosing the best raw materials to produce dishes, traditional and non, unforgettable for your palate.

You can find the salami, the cup and the bacon Varzi or salted pork , carpaccio of beef rump or terrine of duck in red wine sauce.

As pasta dishes you can taste in addition to classic risotto, including the one with sweet peppers to Vogherese, the vegetable ravioli and smoked ricotta , a simple but special pasta and beans.

Among the main dishes is the beef tenderloin with porcini mushroom fondue and Bettelmatt, the guinea fowl casserole and rosettes, for those who love fish, the slice of fresh grilled sturgeon.

There is also a small selection of cheeses Pizzocorno: from seasoned toma, the cow tomini flavorings and ricotta baked or blue goat.

Finally the desserts made in house.

All it accompanied by a’ careful selection of wines and spirits.

Our menu changes with the seasons